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Post-RYGB surgery, patients may experience hypoglycemia as a result of food dumping quickly into the small intestine causing hyperglycemia and the insulin response. In severe cases, this could cause the patient to pass out. This syndrome does not occur in patients who have their pylorus intact—adjustable gastric banding or vertical SG— according to John P. Bantle, MD, endocrinologist and professor of medicine at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis [12].

Carbohydrate restriction or avoidance is the best treatment for RYGB patients who report this syndrome. Patients who need a quick solution to hypoglycemia should have one or two glucose pills ready to take at the first sign of any hypoglycemia.

Rariy et al. reported on postgastric bypass hypoglycemia in the February 2016 issue of Current Diabetes Report. He indicated that despite the benefits of bariatric surgery, hypoglycemic complications are something that physicians and health-care personnel need to be aware of as more patients use bariatric surgery to control their weight [13].

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