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In the future, connected things will far outnumber connected people.

Consider a social network of 50 billion devices versus a social network of 10 billion humans . The social network of objects won’t just be about alerts for humans via machines, but alerts from one machine to another.

With so many objects and systems, one of the most important issues will be how those separate networks communicate with one another This can lead to some real problems . Have you ever been stuck in a parking garage because the ticket machine won’t accept your money? When an entire system is automated with no human oversight, it can get stuck in a loop . What if a notification gets stuck in one system and can’t be read by another? What if a transaction drops entirely? Will there be notifications that the system failed, or will humans be put on pause while a human operator intervenes?

Technology in the real world can’t work well all of the time . In reality, things mess up when you need them most—like when you can’t get to the AAA app when your car is stuck on the side of the road, or when you can’t access your insurance card when you get to the emergency room because your phone is dead or your card is at home, and your life is at risk

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