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In this chapter, we covered the four waves of computing and what that means for the future of connected devices . We also covered how in the near future technology will run into issues such as bandwidth and design limitations, and some possible outcomes for technology and humanity

Weiser and Brown hinted at a number of guidelines in their published work . In the following chapter, we’ll take these guidelines and put them into an organized philosophy of designing Calm Technology.

These are the key takeaways from this chapter:

  • • We’ve gone from many people to one computer, to many computers per person . The next wave of computing will make demands on us in terms of privacy, security, bandwidth, and attention .
  • • We can no longer design technology in the way we designed for desktops . We need to think about how we’ll design for the next 50 billion devices We can help make the future more reasonable by writing efficient code, using lower-level languages for mission-critical systems, and creating more local networks Consider distributed and individual computing, and design with interoperability in mind .
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