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Help button on a plane

When a passenger presses the overhead help button on an airplane, a status tone fires, alerting the flight attendants that someone needs attention . But more than that, a secondary system of status lights tells the flight attendants where the passenger is located on the plane . By letting person A create an alert for person B, then persisting until person B turns it off, the technology itself facilitates a person-to-person interaction in the least intrusive way possible

Washer or dryer with a melody

Have you ever encountered a washer or dryer that buzzes loudly when finished? While designed to catch the attention of someone elsewhere in the house, this kind of noise can often be interruptive and irritating . To counter this, some washers and dryers employ melodies when they’re finished . A new line of Samsung washing machines play a short tune when the cycle is done . Other washing machines emit a quiet but positive tone when they are opened; the sound of an appliance excited to do its task. For many people living or working alone, these simple, bright tones subtly improve the mood and create a positive association with an otherwise unloved chore . Regardless, getting the volume right is very important . If you’re not sure where the machine might be used, allowing the volume to be adjusted can be a wise idea

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