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Insulin pump

An insulin pump beeps when the user needs medication, but in a relatively quiet way that its wearer can deal with . It’s not a particularly welcome device, but a necessary evil, and something many diabetics must deal with every day. As a wearer, you need to be alerted that it’s time to attend to your insulin and blood sugar levels, but you also don’t want the alert to intrude into your personal interactions . Getting this balance right has been a major contributor to the embrace of insulin monitors and pumps-[1]- among the community.

Roomba vacuum cleaner

The Roomba is a dinner-plate-sized disk of electronics that operates robotically to clean your floor. It chirps happily when a task is finished. When it gets stuck or needs cleaning, it emits a distinct somber tone . Orange and green status lights serve as secondary displays to confirm the situation, so if you missed the tone, you can still access the information in a different, low-impact way The Roomba is an approachable piece of technology because it doesn’t try to decide something on behalf of the user—when it gets stuck it asks for help

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