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Lavatory occupied sign

The number one safety issue on a plane is not the plane crashing, but unsecured people being tossed about the cabin . An airplane is one of the most space-constrained environments one might ever be in, which makes it crucial to keep passengers from milling about the galley areas, checking the availability of the bathroom . Because of this, it’s well worth the extra effort and cost to give a clear indication of when it is vacant and when it’s in use, because that little bit of extra security keeps people in their seats, buckled in where they can’t get hurt by turbulence

The simple pictographic display is universal and requires no translation . There are two colors, but it’s not even an issue if you’re red/ green color-blind—the bold X is enough to get the idea across . And even if you’re not wearing your glasses or don’t have very good vision, you can tell the lavatory is occupied just by casually glancing up .

Directional tape on a floor

I attended a conference in Rotterdam as part of the Interaction 2013 Conference . The Rotterdam Design Institute had colored tape on the floor leading attendees to specific rooms . The signs on the floor show directions: each color designates a path on the route to a different room, making the entire Institute navigable, even by newcomers

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