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If your device or application can read temperature, either itself or via an external service, you can message the user in interesting ways . For instance, Dark Sky is an application that uses a hyperlocal weather service to send a push notification to users when it is about to start or stop raining near them . This is especially helpful for people who commute by bike


Using location allows you to set triggers that are based on being in a certain place at a certain time . For instance, when you drive past a grocery store anytime from 4 PM to 6 PM, you could get a reminder to pick up milk This type of application is contextually aware that you’re probably not going to pick up milk on your way to work, but you might forget to pick it up on your way home . Allowing the user to set the time and location of the reminder allows for a sense of control . Instead of getting many irrelevant notifications, understanding when the best time to send the message can be the difference between a product that is essential and one that is just plain annoying . Location-based alerts can also be used to inform people close to you when you land at the airport so they can pick you up, or inform the doctor’s office that you’ve arrived on site

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