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Time is one of the most basic contextual triggers, but it can be used in blended situations For instance, you could get a message when you need to leave for the airport based on current traffic conditions, or get an alert that you need to leave for a meeting with the walking distance and a map built in More basic alerts can be a phone call that is timed to get you out of a meeting, or a lamp that dims when it is time to go to bed . The application Flux changes the color of the light on your computer screen when it gets to be nighttime, preventing insomnia by allowing the circadian rhythm and melatonin production to kick in

Emotional and metabolic state

Triggers might be helpful when you need to be notified of a medical or physiological need, such as low blood sugar or the need to take a nap or take insulin . Some applications might monitor activity through the user’s phone and reach out to a network of predetermined friends if changes in usage patterns are detected The Compass app for iPhone tracked how users were spending their day. If there wasn’t much movement, the app could notify friends to check in with them to make sure they were OK . Google’s smart contact lens, announced in 2014, is a project aimed at helping people with diabetes by constantly measuring glucose levels in tears via a wireless chip and a miniaturized glucose sensor integrated in the lens

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