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Proximity can be used to notify someone if there are interesting people nearby. The former mobile application Meet Gatsby used location-based check-in data from popular application Foursquare to provide a virtual concierge that introduced users to people near their current location that shared interests, based on a few simple questions . From 2010-2013, location-based application company Geoloqi provided a location-based notification application that brought to life public datasets and nearby points of interest such as geocoded Wikipedia articles and pinball machines . Users were able to leave “Geonotes” for themselves and others, allowing people to serendipitously encounter interesting information about the world around them, such as blackberry bushes nearby or the start of a bike ride .


Contextual notifications can also provide rewards for movement For instance, the Nike+ step tracker wristband buzzes and lights up, creating a feeling of accomplishment and celebration for users who met their daily exercise goal


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