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At times, comparing one’s behavior to that of others can act as a deterrent or incentive. Forinstance, home energy company OPOWER collects energy data from customers’ homes and displays it in a chart that compares their energy use to that of their neighbors, providing positive reinforcement for those who use relatively less energy by labeling their energy-consumption readouts with a smiley face . OPOWER reportedly claims1111’ that “Such exposure causes 60 to 80 percent of people to change their energy behaviors .” According to a company spokesman,“If we could take this nationwide—and there’s no reason why we can’t—we can take 3 million homes off the grid and have as much impact as the entire renewable [energy] sector.”

Withings scale

The Withings Smart Body Analyzer (http://www.with.ings. com/ eu/en/products/smart-body-analyzei) is a small wireless scale that tracks your weight over time and allows you to see a graph of your progress on your smartphone (though seeing the graph on the scale itself would be a useful addition) . The resulting feedback loop can help people scale up their exercise or scale back on their eating to maintain a healthy weight . It is often useful for seeing how longer-term trends such as significant life events can affect weight .

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