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Toyota Prius driver feedback

When Toyota released a vehicle with a real-time driver feedback system, the change in driver behavior became known as the “Prius Effect.” The Prius dashboard displays feedback on the driver’s behavior, identifying coasting, acceleration, braking, and cruising

These variables are displayed next to their effect on gas mileage . User experience researchers have explained that the position of the dashboard “near the driver’s view of the road,” with a current estimation of miles per gallon, has an impact on driver behaviorHH that far outstrips the most effective education campaign

Some smart cars have made the idea one step more abstract, by including in the display an image of a tree that grows when you drive efficiently, and dies when you don’t .

Salad bar tongs

How do you give people feedback on what they’re eating without distracting them from getting to their meal? Nashville-based Healthways Inc. placed colored salad bar tongs in their corporate lunchroom The tongs were colored based on whether the food was considered healthy or not: green for healthy, yellow for moderate, and red for bad. Crumbled bacon would have red tongs, for instance, and the tongs for salad greens would be green

This is a better choice than simply putting up “eat healthy” posters or posting nutritional information on every item, because it gives people feedback on their food choices at the moment of choice This may create an environment where healthier choices can easily be made, simply by switching tongs


A web service called Beeminder ( allows you to track your goals and attach financial consequences to negative outcomes . Say you’d like to quit smoking. You sign up with the service and state your goal, then provide it with your bank account details . When you go off track, the service takes your money. The system logarithmically increases the payment to increase the sting . This is clearly a system where you don’t want to slack!

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