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Hopefully these exercises have helped you think about designing technology in a couple of different ways . Unless you’re lucky enough to work with your own team without any client input, you’ll need to work with others on design projects and understand their needs and perspectives .

The next chapter is about explaining Calm Technology in your organization . We’ll discuss how to remove roadblocks and communicate with management in order to get the best products out there, and minimize both user issues and the need for ongoing support .

These are the key takeaways from this chapter:

  • • Use the Calm Technology evaluation tool to examine how technologies fit into their environments .
  • • Consider what advantages status tones, ambient awareness, and haptics can bring to your product
  • • Have you found a piece of technology that bothers you, but you don’t know why? Use the tools in this chapter to examine it more closely to understand how it annoys you Use the principles of Calm Technology from Chapter 2 and the calm communication patterns from Chapter 3 to see if it could be made better.
  • • Don’t limit your exploration of design to these exercises alone . Consider using the evaluation tool to work with other technologies in your everyday life
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