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Organizational politics are often tedious and get in the way of teams doing their best work, but they’re a reality in even the most effective organizations Find a supporter for your project who can act as a political buffer so you can get your work done . Either add them to your team so that they share the load, or meet with them frequently. This small investment of effort and time will free up you and your team to actually get things done . If you’re in a traditional organization, consider having someone write weekly reports to managers

Often you might be tempted to write reports that contain only positive outcomes, but in reality, managers need to know the negative as well If you don’t tell management anything, their minds will likely wander into a negative and paranoid zone that can be far worse than the reality you’re trying to sugarcoat . Instead, show slow, measured growth over time—they’ll sleep easier knowing you’re on your way to achieving your goals And that weekly report is ammo for them to bring to the board, to keep the project going if it comes to that .

Weekly update reports are also a good way to ask managers for help . It’s all about making it easier for your managers to work. If you tell them what is bad, it’s not a surprise . Make sure they find out before their supervisors do .

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