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It is crucial for executives and managers to allow enough time after a product has been built for real-world testing, small beta test groups, and code reliability testing . Often executives sell customers on features, not functionality, and the features don’t have enough time to be tested before they go to market .

A company can easily get caught up in building a product, but forget to sanity check with the outside world . One of the ways to ensure that a product will be successful when it is launched is to do a small product launch before going into larger production

It is best to test products while you’re making them, instead of doing all of the testing at the very end . Doing so can save lots of time and money, because you may be able to catch design mistakes early on If you can’t get the go-ahead to test your product, put someone in a room with it and tell them to figure out how to use it . What they don’t immediately figure out can be designed better or shown to them on the front of the box

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