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Temptation is strong to use tech to replace people, rather than improve and streamline the interaction between people—and yet this is often tech’s most useful role . How many times has the muscle memory of your own fingers taken you to Google? What does Google do but connect human knowledge to other humans? What does Facebook do but connect people to one another in a faster way? Slack allows people to connect to one another with less friction and overhead than email In these systems, the technology dissolves and becomes invisible

The most powerful human technology brings people together. Early examples might be the written word, ritual, or song . Each of these systems was designed to connect people When you’re really into a book, you don’t notice the pages anymore You imagine what the writer is trying to tell you . You’re connected to the mind of the writer. That’s what the best technology does . The interface of the tech disappears and you interface with another person, community, or idea . Early bulletin board software didn’t have images, but it brought people together


Battery life will improve over time, but the best way to preserve it is to design simple, efficient systems . You don’t want to leave someone stranded when a battery wears out

For instance, I use a digital key code door locking system at my house I quickly learned to rely on the digital system . It’s so convenient that I stopped bringing my key I don’t have to worry about being locked out of my house when the batteries on the door lock run out—which happens about once a year—because the keypad flashes red when it’s nearing battery depletion, giving me plenty of time to change the batteries .

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