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Hopefully this chapter has helped you to understand more deeply the concept of a calm product launch and some of the strategies you can employ to ensure a product is adequately tested before giving it to the public . There is no right or wrong path for product design and development as long as you consider who is going to use it, the ways in which it could go wrong, and the areas of people’s lives you’re going to affect . Paying close attention to user needs and rapidly iterating with respect to your users will always serve you well The products that respect users the most win

Some things to keep in mind:

  • • Team size matters. Teams with fewer stakeholders get things done quickly, and are more likely to take risks . Each additional person on a team increases communication barriers
  • • Discover your team’s strengths and weakness and see how they work together through a test project. Just an hour-long exercise of designing a new toy or a product for fun will expose your team to the experience of creating something within a time limit, and will give you some inkling of what conflicts might exist among them .
  • • Perspective matters. Find people who work differently from you. A

team should be made up of different kinds of people from different backgrounds, or you may miss edge cases . Not all users are alike, and your team shouldn’t be either

  • • Internal support is important. If you work for a bureaucratic or political company, make sure to get support from internally trusted people for your project . Find a way to explain it in the language understood by the company Translate your vision into theirs
  • • Constrain requirements. For every feature or system you add to the product, ask yourself, “Is this really necessary? Is there a better or cheaper way we could do it?”
  • • Do your homework. Most projects that have failed before failed for a reason .
  • • Respect user privacy. Your product is a service to them, not you.
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