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Analytical Processes and Front Ends

In the analytical environment, it is the task of the analyst to create information and knowledge to drive business processes in the direction of delivering content that, to a greater extent, falls into the listeners' tastes. The main questions for the analyst are:

  • ? Who are our listeners?
  • ? What do they like to listen to?
  • ? Who listens to what and when?

The analyst quickly realizes that he does not possess sufficient data about the listeners to be able to work out listener profiles. If he did have this data, it could be merged with the program database of the radio station in the data warehouse, and subsequently constitute the basis of the creation of knowledge about listener profiles at different times and for the different programs of the radio station.

Data Warehouse

The analyst needs the data warehouse to provide him with data on the listeners' ages, genders, and tastes and preferences 24/7. He needs this information for the profiles. The database specialist does not have this data stored, and it cannot be obtained from an external supplier. Therefore, the database specialist asks the IT department to create a new operational data source to collect data on listener profiles at different times of the day.

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