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Definition of the Overall Problem

Based on this definition, the analyst must be able to place the specific task in a broader context, and thereby prioritize it in relation to other tasks. Consequently, the commissioner of the task must be able to explain for which business processes the given task will be adding value, if the task is to be prioritized based on a business case. Alternatively, the commissioner must relate the task to a strategic initiative. Otherwise, the analyst must be extremely careful in taking on the task, because if it's not adding value, and not related to the business strategy, he or she must question the justification of the task.

Definition of Delivery

The requesting party (recipient) must specify in which media the analysis must be delivered (HTML, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.) and whether the delivery must include an explanation of the results, or whether these are self-explanatory.

Deliveries that include automated processes, such as on-demand reports or continuous lists of customers to call, need to have a clear agreement on roles and responsibilities. Who shall have access to the reports? To whom is the list to be sent in sales? Similarly, an owner of the reports must specify, either as a function or a person, who is responsible for ensuring that the business requirements are based on the BA information, and who is to be notified of any errors, changes, or breakdown in the automated delivery. The reason for this is that automated reports are not a static entity; changes might be made to the data foundation on which they are built, which means that they are no longer structured in the optimum way. In addition, the technology on which they are built might be phased out. Errors are inevitable over time, but if effective communication is in place, damage to business procedures can be prevented. The question is not whether an incorrect report will be delivered at some stage or not, because that is to be expected; the question is how efficiently we deal with the situation when it arises.

Other questions to clarify about delivery is time of delivery (on demand), or under which circumstances we update (event driven), and whether to notify users when updating.

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