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Aesthetic Labour: Rethinking Beauty Politics in Neoliberalism

I Aesthetic Labouring Aesthetic Labour: Beauty Politics in NeoliberalismBeauty Is a Feminist IssueThe (Re)turn to BeautyIntersectional and Transnational Beauty StudiesSurveillanceThe Affective TurnThe Affirmative TurnAesthetic Labour: Beauty Politics in NeoliberalismThe Intensification of Beauty PressuresThe Extensification of Beauty PressuresFashioning Subjectivity: The Psychic Life of Neoliberal Beauty CultureThe Turn to LabourAesthetic EntrepreneurshipReferences'Seriously Girly Fun!': Recontextualising Aesthetic Labour as Fun and Play in Cosmetics AdvertisingMake-up as Fun, Easy and PlayfulMake-up in a Play World of Dolls and ToysPlayful RegisterConclusionReferencesRethinking Ruskin's Wife's VulvaSetting the Scene: 10 April 1848, Scotland(Re)Imagining the Past: Shifting Frameworks of Then(Re)Imagining the Past as the Present: John and Effie's Break-up, 2016(Re)Imagining the Past: Through the Framework of Now(Re)Making the Female Body, NowImaging Herself a Good Woman: Effie v2016Reimagining Effie v2016 as Aesthetic LabourerInconclusionReferencesMapping 'Gross' Bodies: The Regulatory Politics of DisgustSituating DisgustLiterature ReviewFatnessBody Hair and Pubic HairMenstrual SexResearch Questions and MethodResultsFatnessBody Hair and Pubic HairMenstrual SexDiscussionReferencesThe Escalating Price of Motherhood: Aesthetic Labour in Popular Representations of 'Stay-at-Home' MothersMaternity, Neoliberalism and Aesthetic LabourPopular Representations of SAHMsPerforming and Masking Aesthetic/ Maternal LabourJools Oliver: The Successful SAHMBridget Jones: The Failing SAHMConclusionReferencesHolistic Labour: Gender, Body and the Beauty and Wellness Industry in ChinaGender and the Beauty Economy in ChinaThe Body, Biopower and SomatisationThe Body as an InfrastructureHolistic Body and Holistic ServicesThe Body-Heart Affective NexusEmotional and Psychological LabourConclusionReferencesThe Entrepreneurial Practices of Becoming a DollAnime Girl: The Fluid BrandTransnational Postfeminist Aesthetic LabourReferencesPhD Barbie Gets a Makeover! Aesthetic Labour in AcademiaAesthetic Labour and ProfessionalismAesthetic Labour in ResearchNot Professional EnoughConclusionReferencesII Risk, Work and (Post)Feminist BeautyThe Risky Business of Postfeminist BeautyAttached to Beauty, Consenting to RiskCruel Attachments and Cruelly Optimistic VigilanceConclusionReferencesDream Jobs? The Glamourisation of Beauty Service Work in Media CultureThe Allure of Salon WorkThe Salon as Creative IndustryMaking over Beauty Service LabourConclusionNotesReferencesSkin: Post-feminist Bleaching Culture and the Political Vulnerability of BlacknessThe Politics of Black Women's SkinsSkin Bleaching/Lightening/Toning as Pathological Practice: Black Skin as Site of White Supremacy?The Global Market in Lightness: Post-feminist Skin and Countering Second-Wave Black FeminismPost-feminist Blackness Does Not Mean Skin's Political Vulnerability: Critiquing PigmentocracyConclusionReferences'Being a Better #Freelancer': Gendered and Racialised Aesthetic Labour on Online Freelance Marketplaces'Work Differently': The Rise of Online Freelance Marketplaces in the US Internet Industry'I Guess It Looks Like Me': Discipline, Apology, and Making the Online ProfileSelf-Subordination and Shadowy Work: Client Feedback and Racialised ErasuresConcluding RemarksReferencesSeriously Stylish: Academic Femininities and the Politics of Feminism and Fashion in AcademiaBeing Taken Seriously as a ProfessionalBeing Taken Seriously as a Feminist: The Problematics of the Pantsuit'Authentic' Self-Expression Versus 'Passing' and Privilege?ConclusionsReferencesHow to Do Feminist Mothering in Urban India? Some Reflections on the Politics of Beauty and Body ShapesTemporality: Parenting in Neoliberal IndiaWhat We Say, What We Do: Narratives on Body Hair, Size and Skin ColourNavigating Feminist Politics and the Fashion- Beauty ComplexWhat We Want: Some Inconclusive ThoughtsReferencesIII Empowerment, Confidence and Subjectivity'I'm Beautiful the Way I Am': Empowerment, Beauty, and Aesthetic LabourThe Confidence 'Movement' and Empowerment InitiativesAlways' #Like a Girl (A#LAG)CoverGirl's #GirlsCan (CG#GC)Girl Entrepreneurship and Make-up TutorialsThe BodyAuthenticityEntrepreneurialismConclusionReferences'Just Be Confident Girls!': Confidence Chic as Neoliberal GovernmentalityConfidence Chic: Notes from the WebPsycommerce as Confidence Expertise'Confidence Is Sexy': Enlisting LabourBattle the Negative Self: Toxic Women'Accept Responsibility': Managing InjuryThe Confidence R/evolution: Notes from the Office'A Cultural Backlash': Claiming InjuryCreating Confidence ChicF-ing up the GlossiesConclusionReferences'The Bottom Line Is That the Problem Is You': Aesthetic Labour, Postfeminism and Subjectivity in Russian Self-Help LiteratureAesthetic LabourGender, Postfeminism and Self-Help in RussiaBodies Under ConstructionWhen Beauty Is Not EnoughAlways Work!'Giving Oneself Without Asking Anything Back'ConclusionReferencesLook Good, Feel Good: Sexiness and Sexual Pleasure in NeoliberalismSex Advice: Looking and Feeling GoodSexiness and Sexual Pleasure in Women's Sexual LivesLooking Good 'for Me'Failing and Refusing to 'Look Good'ConclusionReferencesThe Aesthetics of Sexual Discontent: Notes from the London 'Seduction Community'Seduction as Mediated IntimacyDesire and DiscontentAspirational BodiesConclusionReferencesInvisible Labour? Tensions and Ambiguities of Modifying the 'Private' Body: The Case of Female Genital Cosmetic SurgeryThe 'Private' Body and Aesthetic Modification'Body' and 'Self' Work: Conflicting Discourses?Market Logics and the 'Value' of Work on the Private BodyLocating, and Making Space for, RelationalityConclusionReferencesBeautiful Israeli Girls: Between Being in the Present and Future UnpredictabilityBeauty as Aspirational Labour PowerHagai's Israeli GirlsBeauty as Immanence: Being and BecomingBeauty as Human CapitalReferences

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