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(Re)Imagining the Past as the Present: John and Effie's Break-up, 2016

“When the clothes are off, she’s just not that sexy”

John’s shocking late-night tweets suggest rumours are true. Is Joffie really over?

(GossipRag, 10 May 2016)

“Yes, it’s over!”

Joffie confirm rumours of split!

(GossipRag, 13 May 2016)

“John’s addiction to pom ruined the romance”

Friends suggest it’s John’s fault!

(GossipRag, 14 May 2016)

“I tried everything!”

Effie reveals the truth behind Joffie’s shock split!

“I was even booked in to get a designer vagina”. In a revealing interview, Effie Gray, It-girl and now-former wife of TV art-celebrity John Ruskin, reveals the extent to which she tried everything, including considering labiaplasty, in an attempt to excite John’s passions—which, she now reveals, remained dormant.

(GossipRag, 16 May 2016)

“nuff muff?”

Leaked pics reveal Effie’s 70s-style free-wheelin’ muff. Is that the real reason for Joffie’s split?

(GossipRag, 19 May 2016)

“They’re private! Please don’t view or share them”

Effie begs fans not to spread leaked naked pics.

(GossipRag, 20 May 2016)

“Muff no more?”

Effie spied leaving vaginal spa.

(GossipRag, 21 May 2016)

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