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100 questions & answers about depression
A Clinical Guide to Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
A Psychoanalytic Approach to Treating Psychosis: Genesis, Psychopathology and Case Study
Alchemy, Jung, and Remedios Varo: Cultural Complexes and the Redemptive Power of the Abjected Femini
amaXhosa Circumcision: Stories of Manhood and Mental Health
An Experience-based Vision of Psychoanalytic Theory and Practice: Seeking, Feeling, and Relating
Animals as the Third in Relational Psychotherapy: Exploring Theory, Frame and Practice
Behavioral Cybersecurity: Fundamental Principles and Applications of Personality Psychology
Behavioural Economics and Terrorism: Law Enforcement and Patterns of Behaviour
Blooming in December:: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy with Older Adults
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